International Cave-Survey Camp Topo Sorbas


The International Speleological Survey Camp SORBAS TOPO2020 will be held from June 6 and 7, 2020 .

This camp is to be organized by the Espeleo Club Almeria together with the Andalusian Federation of Speleology. Is open to all cavers interested in the world of surveying, wishing to collaborate in the study of the gypsum karst of Sorbas.

The conference organization structure is:

To participate in the camp a pre-registration is required. This registration will include:

You must have an authorization to speleology practice with a valid insurance for extreme sports.

It's pretended to provide a common accommodation for all participants, which will also be a work center and meeting point. Is to be a place for the majority of activities and workshops planned in the camp too.

The number of participants is limited by available space and will be approximately 50 people. Attendance between 100 and 150 people during all the camp is expected.

All existing documentation needed to orient and navigate within the site and cavities, which carry out the proposed syrvey activities, will be given for all participants.

Different spaces will be preparated in the hostel:

Activities will take place during the morning. Breakfast and picnic lunch will be provided by the organizer. Breakfast at the hostel, and lunch in work areas. The dinners, for all participants, will be the meeting point at the hostel.

In the end of the survey turn various activities may be perform:

All information about the camp will be available on our website, through which the registration will be made: Information will also be available through the Grupo KYS on Facebook. For additional information please contact Espeleo Club Almeria via e-mail