Other caves in the Sorbas Karst

An infinite variety

We already know that the Sorbas Karst exhibits an incredible density of cavities. New galleries are discovered every year so that exploration is never complete. The experienced visitor, equipped with prior authorization and a guide, can access numerous, virtually unknown stretches of galleries. In caves such as the Cueva del Tesoro (with its gypsum crystals more than 2 metres long), the Sima del Corral (the second deepest gypsum cave in the world), the GEP Complex (with its great variety of speleothems) or the Cueva del Peral (with its underground lakes) speleologists are able to venture into a still undiscovered world.

Gypsum crystal more than 2 m long in the Cueva del Tesoro

Lake in the Cueva del Peral

Gypsum stalactites in the GEP Complex Cave

Sediments into the C3 cave

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