Jabier Les began his activity in the subterranean world exploring various caves in the Basque Country. His passion for photography and for caving led him to specialize in techniques of subterranean photography. His work has earned him twenty or more awards in national and international exhibitions. He has been president of the Speleological Group G.E.T. (Bilbao) since 1993, having led various projects related to speleological investigations in collaboration with the Department of the Environment of the Basque Government. He is author and co-author of numerous publications, outstanding amongst which are the books on the Pagasarri Karst, Introduction to Subterranean Photography, and Mogote 98 and 99 for Speleology in Cuba, which feature his photographs. In 1996 he joined the Spanish School of Speleology. In 1997 he had his first introduction to the Sorbas Karst, and during various caving trips in subsequent years he has photographed some of the most important features of this distinctive karst.

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